Stowe offers custom application development and services associated with deployment and on-going support. Over 75% of Software Development projects fail due to poor understanding of the business requirements. Our senior analysts delve deep into your business processes and the underlying business objectives before a single line of code is produced. That’s why “Research” is our middle name.

The Stowe Advantage


Software Development

Our strength in developing stable, robust and scalable custom software applications have helped numerous clients measure and enhance their productivity over time. We research the latest developments in software platforms and database architectures so that our solutions meet the rigorous demands placed on them in today's busy marketplace. We use proven QA methods to ensure that all software lives up to our rigorous quality standards.


Web Development

Web development doesn't have to give you a headache - instead it should be as painless as possible. At Stowe we use a variety of tools, technologies and environments to help our clients build their Web presence. Our expertise with Microsoft's IIS products, Microsoft Sharepoint, IBM's WebSphere Application, Apache Servers and Java enables us to meet client requests promptly and with solutions that match their requirements.


Mobile Development

In today's world, not planning for resource mobility can become an expensive mistake - our engineers make your life easier by building in the necessary functionality to take your applications to the field. When it's too cumbersome to use a laptop to capture data in the field, we provide Web-enabled mobile application development so that your business reaches out to you wherever you are and whenever you choose.


Database Development

Many software developers ignore best-practice database design fundamentals in their delivery of custom software applications. We can't afford to do that as our applications must run for years regardless of operating system upgrades, database software platform upgrades and other changes that render traditional development methods obsolete. This has helped us serve our clients well over the decades.


Software Research

Need to research an application and don't know where to start? Try calling Stowe to help you with what's important - it is so easy to get lost in requirements that most give up before taking a single productive step. Our years of research into software methods makes us hard to beat when it comes to providing assistance to those in need of help.


IT Consulting

Just need a little help determining which direction is best for your situation? At Stowe Research our consultants have been providing IT solutions for decades - our clients rely on our consultants to get the job done. You can rest assured that our consultants will help you find a professional that understands your business so that you don't have to spend weeks describing your world to us.